5 Things You NEED as an Actor

May 3, 2018

The Not-So-Glamorous Life of an Actor.. We all know that being an actor is far from easy. There are thousands of things you are responsible for paying, many times without any promised income in return. Even just for one simple audition. Headshots, parking, gas, resumes, parking tickets (ugh), outfits, and taking off from work for auditions are just a few of the many expenses we experience daily as actors. This isn’t even including food, shelter, car payments, and everything else…

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A Few of My Fashion Favorites

January 30, 2018

A month late but…. Happy 2018? After a couple of long breaks over the holidays, I’ve had some time to think. It has come to my attention (and I’m sure all of yours) that my past goals of posting once per week were NOT anywhere close to being met last year. I’m here to put this out there to be held accountable that, IT WILL CHANGE THIS YEAR! I’m determined. NEW YEAR, NEW ME! (just kidding someone punch me) But…

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Why You Should Ditch the Day Job for Your Dream Job

December 13, 2017

Oh, jobs. That tricky thing that people seem to always let have this false sense of control. Holding them back from achieving their real dreams, following the love of their life across the world, or moving out of that town they’ve always wanted to leave. This subject is something that I’ve always felt very strong about. I thought it would be the perfect post to get back into the swing of things! I had been struggling for some time with…

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Fall Back

September 5, 2017
Fall Back 1

With September, Comes Fall My favorite season of the year is finally here! Although California doesn’t really have seasons, I still like to pretend that it does. (Even if that means shooting this outfit in 100 degree weather…. Which is dedication, not insanity, right?!) Especially when it comes to picking out my outfits and buying pumpkin spiced everything. Yes, I’m one of those. Between the comfy sweaters, incredibly delicious smelling candles, and perfect weather, you can’t tell me fall isn’t…

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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

September 1, 2017

Warning: Long First Post Ahead! Three years ago, I was living in Kansas preparing for my debut on an MTV show that I never dreamed I would actually land a spot on. In January of that year, I had just discovered I wanted to pursue one of the most insane career choices I’m convinced anyone can choose. That was also the same year that an idea sparked to start my own blog. (Better late than never right?!) There were so…

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